40cm Obitsu Arrives!!

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Squeeeeeee! I had the good opportunity to adopt this pretty girl from someone who was selling her on a doll forum I frequent. I was SO happy!!

So yesterday, we were driving up the road just as the postman was knocking on our door with a dolly shaped box in hand! I was like “Stop the car!” — and I just got out and jogged over to the house while he was crossing the street to get back into his truck. Whew!

Unfortunately, when I was taking off her body stocking, I snapped one of her previously broken ankles. >_< Eh, I'm not too worried about it, as I will just order the replacement parts the next time JunkySpot does a Parabox pre-order. ^__~

AHHHH And so many awesome little goodies came with this girl too!

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~~Cute Props~~

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Just as the title states. Found some cute props at random stores this past week. ^__^

Erasers shaped like sweets!
My girls will love these! As soon as I get them finished that is, hehe.

Hello Kitty Take-Out Box!
This one had some awful tasting hard candy in it. >_> My husband actually liked it though, so he ate it. O_o

Hello Kitty Take-Out Box!

That’s all for now!! Hopefully I will have more updates with actual dollie pics soon! :3

48cm Obitsu Bodysuit Test

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Purchased some material today to try my hand at making a few bodysuits for my girls to assist in protecting their pretty vinyl.

This first one was just a test. The willing victim is my 48cm Obitsu. The material is kind of like tights or stockings and may not hold up too well in regards to color migration, but who knows– it might not be too bad. As you can see from the pictures, it’s not finished yet. This was just a practice run for one method. Sorry for the crappy pics. I only had a phone to use as all the camera batteries are charging. >_>

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Sewing time.

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Purchased some material today! My goal is to make a few body suits for my girls to protect their pretty vinyl from staining. I know I could just purchase the suits, but they’re kind of expensive (IMO) and I’d like to try my hand at making them anyway. The only thing I could not find were the right size zippers. I’d like to put a zipper in the back to make for easier dressing/undressing. So that will need to come later, but I can still get started on the basics of getting the size right and sewing the other pieces.

I will try to remember to post pics of my progress… And maybe some pictures of any failed attempts should they occur.

48cm Obitsu arrival!!

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I actually received this girl for Christmas! ^__^ I have my awesome husband to thank for that one! I have been wanting her since JunkySpot started carrying her. Sorry for the poor lighting. I needed to use one of my point and shoot cameras. >_>

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SQ Lab Head Hitomi Arrives!!

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I purchased this brand new SQ Labs Head (Hitomi) second hand from a member on Den of Angels. I snagged her for a really great price and she even came with a free pair of SQ Labs resin eyes. ^___^ She actually arrived back on December 16th, but I totally forgot to post pictures on here.

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Modding an Obi50 neck piece.

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(I just realized this was still in Drafys! >_< Doh! )

I received some lovely instructions from the supreme ruler of vinyl, K2 of Dollieh Sanctuary, on how to modify an Obitsu 50cm neck piece to accomodate a Dollfie Dream head. You can find his tutorial here as well:


I thought I would give it a try, since my DD03 head was going on my Obi50 body. :3
Follow along if you wish, as I thought it would be fun to document my progress.

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